RUNTY’s story
Dear, sweet Runty. He appeared in our village at the beginning of this year. Yet another ‘dumped’ dog. Runty swiftly made friends with the local dogs and moved in with a dog on the same street, sharing his kennel. We immediately put out an appeal on Facebook and found him a home in the UK. Because of this we were able to secure foster for him so he could be vaccinated, sterilised and prepared to go to the UK. Sadly that adoption fell through and his foster carers continued to care for him. They were going to keep him but their garden isn’t secure and being a free spirit and very bright, he kept finding a way out, not a problem until he found the neighbour’s sheep! He did not hurt them but this obviously couldn not continue. This is where we found Dogwatch who found him a new home in the UK, which was confirmed after their homecheck. I’m so pleased for Runty. He is a delightful, happy little dog who loves life.
Runty is these living the doggie dream life in the garden of England (Kent) and is extremely happy!