Pablo is a gentle and sensitive soul with a sweet face and disposition.
When I first met Pablo he was very nervous and shy. But since he’s been having some recreation time he’s really starting to come out of his shell. He is a lovely little dog. He’s fine with other dogs as he shares a kennel. He is active and is looking for owners that can give him the exercise he needs along with the time and training to help him build confidence. He would suit an active family, being Beagle cross he will have lots of energy.

Pablo was taken into foster a couple of months ago because he had been adopted and we wanted to socialise him more.  Sadly his adoption fell through and he is available once again for adoption.  Pablo is a very sensitive, shy boy.  He has spent most of his life in kennels so has seen very little of the outside world.  He is slowly gaining confidence.  He is in foster with several other dogs, puppies and cats.  Pablo will let us go up to him and stroke him but he hasn’t quite gained the confidence to come up to us.  He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.  Pablo now needs to find his forever home where he will get more one on one attention.  He will need someone who is patient and can teach him that the world is not a scary place.

Louzanimales Association dog
The adoption Fee helps towards transport costs from Portugal and veterinary costs.