Lola is a beautiful, loving and playful young dog.

Lola is a pretty white dog with brown ears and a brown patch on her back. She is certainly the joker of the family, loves to play with toys and games. She will need lots of exercise and she loves to run. She can get carried away when following a scent but will come back once called. After her exercise, she is quite content to relax on the sofa and sleep.

Lola is currently being looked after by a foster carer as she was ill in the shelter. She has now blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She does have leishmaniasis which is being treated with a daily tablet and is inexpensive. She will also need 6 monthly blood tests to check the leishmaniasis is still under control.

Look at the photos to see what a wonderful girl she is and well worth it. She would make a wonderful companion and keep a smile on your face.

Louzanimales Association dog
The adoption Fee helps towards transport costs from Portugal and veterinary costs.