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We have lots of lovely dogs available for adoption. Please browse our list of pooches to see if anyone steals your heart.


For adoptions within Portugal there is no adoption fee, however, we ask you to be responsible for collection of the dog. Although there is no cost to adopting one of these gorgeous dogs, donations are always gratefully received.


Please note that our UK adoptions are now handled by DogwatchUK.
There is a charge which helps to cover the cost of transport and vaccinations etc. Please go to


The cost of vaccination, sterilisation, identichip and rabies vaccine will be covered by the council in the case of Louzanimales Association dogs  or by PPC if it is a private adoption. Passports will be provided for all overseas adoptions. Leishmaniasis tests will be carried out and Babesia and Ehrlichia tests will also be done where necessary. These are paid for by PPC. Transport will be arranged. You may be required to collect your dog from a pre-arranged collection point within the UK, depending on the transporter we use and where you are located. 
There maybe occasions where it is not possible to sterilise your dog prior to adoption for instance if it is a young puppy. In these circumstances we would ask you to sign an ‘agreement to sterilise’. This will be followed up at a later date to confirm this has been done.
When you declare an interest in a dog we will ask you to complete an adoption application form and if you decide you would like to adopt, a homecheck will be carried out.
All you have to do now is choose your new best friend.
Email us on: or download an Adoption Application Form here:
Full Adoption Terms can be downloaded here: